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Way to slim the waist

Fat waist

waist area is one of the most common areas where fat is needed. It takes a lot of time and effort to get rid of this problem. In this article, we'll talk about some ways to help the waist shrink quickly.

Way to slim the waist

Avoid soft drinks, because they contain a high proportion of sugar, which leads to an appetite to eat more food. Relaxation and stay away from feeling sad and anxious, because the psychological state plays a large role in weight gain, where the response may be the body when feeling sad or anxious to eat more, and therefore overweight, the best way to get rid of anxiety is to drink large amounts of water, Take a stroll outside the house, or sit with friends. Take enough sleep, because lack of sleep helps to open the appetite, thus increasing the weight and fat accumulated in the body. Eat protein-containing foods, which are available in chicken, cheese, eggs, and fish, especially salmon, because protein helps speed up digestion, which burns a large amount of calories in the body, lowering insulin levels, and To its role in accelerating metabolic rate, thus controlling the hormones that help to open the appetite. Increase the number of meals eaten daily and make them in smaller quantities. Keep drinking foods and fluids that help to slim the waist area like green tea. Exercising continuously and regularly, as studies and research have shown that the practice of certain exercises help to burn a large amount of calories and therefore loss of weight, and these exercises: Bring a chair and put it at close range, and then put the legs on it with attention to bend the knees, and then lift the waist up straight up, where this exercise is repeated twenty times for five rounds. Lying on the ground straight, and then put the hands behind the head with the lifting of the legs, and put one of the legs above the other, where the repetition of the legs and repeat the exercise twenty times for five rounds. Lie on the ground straight, with the arms put Jania, and then the upper body is raised to form an angle with the legs, and put the hands on the knees, where the exercise is repeated ten times for five rounds. 

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